• About Our Work

    Our aim is to bring academic research about religion and belief into constructive conversation with public and policy work.

    Since 2015 this work has concentrated on improving the way in which religion is handled in schools in England.

    Prior to 2015 the work concentrated on raising the level of debate about religion and society and gave rise to a series of public debates held in Westminster and available on this site.

    We carry out original research on religion and belief and provide a platform for research by others.

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  • Latest From Education

    • Theos article by Linda Woodhead

      Posted On: July 5, 2018 | Posted By: Admin | Posted In: 2018, A New Settlement Revised, Education

      Professor Linda Woodhead contributes to a series of articles commissioned by Theos on the challenges facing Religious Education. In her article, Bishop Curry’s Royal Wedding Sermon Shows What we need from RE, Linda draws on Bishop Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon to explain how Religious Education informs critical cultural debates, and how the provision for...

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    • New Faith School Study

      Posted On: July 2, 2018 | Posted By: Admin | Posted In: 2018, A New Settlement Revised, Education

      Using multi-faith Leicester as a case study, new research by Linda Woodhead and Mairi Levitt finds that recent government support for new faith schools has created a messy and unfair situation in which the families that do best are those that are well-off, strictly religious, and equipped to navigate the increasingly complex system. The article...

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