• Letter published in The Tablet

    Posted on: 06/08/18  |  Posted By: Admin  |  Category: Blog

    RE syllabus A letter from Charles Clarke and Linda Woodhead, published in The Tablet on 2nd August 2018. In 2015, we published a set of recommendations on how to improve the quality of religious education in state schools, and...

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  • Letter to the Catholic Education Service

    Posted on: 26/07/18  |  Posted By: Admin  |  Category: Blog

    A REPLY TO THE CATHOLIC EDUCATION SERVICE CONCERNING THEIR RESPONSE TO ‘A NEW SETTLEMENT’ BY CHARLES CLARKE AND LINDA WOODHEAD This letter can also be read as a pdf file here. Dear Paul Barber, Thank you for joining us at the...

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  • Address on 25 Years of NASACRE

    Posted on: 24/05/18  |  Posted By: Charles Clarke  |  Category: Blog

    Remarks by Rt Hon Charles Clarke at NASACRE AGM, May 24th 2018 This AGM celebrates 25 years of the work of NASACRE. Over that time the National Association of SACREs has brought together, informed and represented the more than...

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  • New Research Shows It’s Time to End the Right to Withdraw from RE

    Posted on: 09/05/18  |  Posted By: David Lundie  |  Category: Blog

    A new survey of school leaders reveals confusion and worse about the right to opt out of RE lessons. The survey, which I led, gathered Headteachers’ and RE Co-ordinators’ experiences of parents exercising the right to...

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  • We’ve Reached a Tipping Point for Religion in Schools

    Posted on: 19/04/18  |  Posted By: Charles Clarke  |  Category: Blog

    Image of classroom

    The time is ripe for change in how the law deals with religion and schools. The welcome publication of the Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper on March 14th indicates that government thinking is changing and so it is time...

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  • Anglican Primates’ Meeting in Canterbury: A Sign of Hope for the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality?

    Posted on: 03/02/16  |  Posted By: Adriaan van Klinken  |  Category: Blog

    The Anglican Communion made global headlines last week, after the Primates (the senior bishops of all the Anglican churches worldwide), assembled in Canterbury, decided to take measures against one member church, the Episcopal...

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  • Freedom of Religion – Universal Right or Matter of National Security?

    Posted on: 17/02/15  |  Posted By: Erin Wilson  |  Category: Blog

    The extent to which Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) should be promoted and protected as a foreign policy goal is becoming an increasing focus across numerous industrialized countries. While it has long been a priority for...

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  • In a class of its own? Time to treat RE like any other subject

    Posted on: 10/02/15  |  Posted By: John Reader  |  Category: Blog

    I was fortunate enough to attend a recent Westminster Faith Debate event held in Birmingham exploring the state of Religious Education in the UK. Unlike previous debates the RE for Real event also incorporated a consultation with...

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  • Putting a Church Online – lessons from Finland

    Posted on: 19/01/15  |  Posted By: Meri-Anna Hintsala  |  Category: Blog

    It’s All Saint’s Day 2014. I log onto my Facebook account and am greeted by a vivid image of glowing candles and a few solemn white words: desire, thanksgiving, mourning and hope. Beside the picture, I see a prayer: All...

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  • The Church must recover its Spirit

    Posted on: 16/12/14  |  Posted By: Lorraine Cavanagh  |  Category: Blog

    What is good about the Church of England? Is there a reason to continue? These are two of the questions which emerged in the course of the last of the Westminster Faith Debates on the future of the Church of England. They are two...

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