• Quakers, (Same-Sex) Marriage and the State

    Posted on: 28/03/14  |  Posted By: Rachel Muers  |  Category: Blog

    In 1663 Charles and Mary Appleby, a Quaker couple from Liskeard, Cornwall, were summoned and questioned by the mayor and eventually imprisoned in Launceston gaol. Their misdemeanour, according to the fellow Quaker who recorded...

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  • Pope Francis, One Year On

    Posted on: 09/03/14  |  Posted By: Tina Beattie  |  Category: Blog

    After a year in office, Pope Francis’s popularity shows no sign of waning. A weekly Italian fanzine called Il Mio Papa (‘My Pope’) has just been launched by Silvio Berlusconi’s publishing company, though Francis says he...

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  • Earth to Earth: Natural burial and the Church of England

    Posted on: 11/02/14  |  Posted By: Hannah Rumble  |  Category: Blog

    At the time I write this blog there are several stories in the news and on the radio about the problems that religion in general is facing – and the Church of England in particular. Linda Woodhead’s research, showcased on...

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  • Religion in the United Nations

    Posted on: 19/01/14  |  Posted By: Jeremy Carrette  |  Category: Blog

    “United Nations too Christian” was the Guardian headline for a story on our report Religious NGOs at The United Nations this January. This slant caught the imagination, and led to news stories around the world. The research...

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  • The Opportunity of New Leadership

    Posted on: 08/01/14  |  Posted By: Charles Clarke  |  Category: Blog

    In 2013 we got a new Pope, a new Archbishop of Canterbury and a new Chief Rabbi. As far as I can make out only once before have all these three faiths got a new leader in the same year. This was in 1758 when Clement 13, Thomas...

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  • Youth work and church growth: what works

    Posted on: 12/12/13  |  Posted By: Naomi Stanton  |  Category: Blog

    My research into young people’s experiences of Christian youth work challenges the dominant assumption that it is the young that have rejected the church. It’s the churches which too often reject the young. I encountered many...

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  • Unlikely Bedfellows? The Supreme Court Considers Christianity and Homosexuality

    Posted on: 02/12/13  |  Posted By: Mark Hill  |  Category: Blog

    There was something of an inevitability about the decision of the Supreme Court concerning the refusal of Christian hoteliers to provide a double room to a couple in a same-sex relationship: Bull & Bull v Preddy & Hall...

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  • A Blessing in Disguise?

    Posted on: 29/11/13  |  Posted By: Simon Reader  |  Category: Blog

    The Pilling Report is all about distinctions, and distinctions matter. The commission which produced it offers eighteen “findings and recommendations”. Points two through eighteen read as recommendations, articulating what...

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  • Surveys reveal widening gulf between Catholics and Church teaching

    Posted on: 18/11/13  |  Posted By: Linda Woodhead  |  Category: Blog

    As the Vatican surveys the opinions of Catholics in dioceses and parishes around the world, three large polls I carried out this year with YouGov for the Westminster Faith Debates reveal a profile of British Catholics adrift from...

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  • What Catholics really think about sex

    Posted on: 08/11/13  |  Posted By: Linda Woodhead  |  Category: Blog

    A survey of Catholic opinion is to be undertaken to inform the Synod of Bishops which will meet in 2014 to discuss “the pastoral challenges of the family.” As it happens, I recently carried out extensive surveys of Catholic...

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