Faith Interviews: Shirley Williams

Wednesday 21 November 2012


On Wednesday 21 November 2012, SHIRLEY WILLIAMS and CLIFFORD LONGLEY in disucssion with Q&A afterwards at QEIICC Westminster. Chaired by Prof LINDA WOOODHEAD. Watch the interview below and below and listen to or download podcasts:
[Context note for topical references: The event took place one day after the Church of England General Synod vote not to proceed with legislation to allow the consecration of women as bishops. The proposal had failed by a small margin to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority from lay members of the synod. Read a piece by event chair Linda Woodhead on the issue here]
•Podcast 1: Shirley Williams, interviewed by Clifford Longley. Introduced by Linda Woodhead. Interview begins at 4.52. 42.35
•Podcast 2: Shirley Williams and Clifford Longley respond to questions and comments from the audience. [Small technical problem in first minute.] 32.32


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