Meetings held in 2018

31 December 2018

A select list of meetings held jointly or individually by Charles Clarke and Linda Woodhead in 2018, during which the case for a new settlement for religion and belief in schools is raised and discussed.

January 15th – Ed Kessler, Woolf Institute

February 8th – Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education

February 21st – Philip Parker, former DFE official

March 1st – Dame Louise Casey

March 2nd – Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary DFE

March 13th – Neil Carmichael, former MP, former Chair Education Select Committee

April 11th – Aleksandre Jejelava, Minister of Education Georgia

May 24th – NASACRE AGM

May 31st – Bishop Tim Thornton Lambeth Palace (see above)

June 6th – Visit St Bede’s school Cambridge

June 15th – Big Hope Festival, Liverpool Hope University with Archbishop of Liverpool

August 7th – Amanda Spielman, OFSTED

August 7th – Matthew Taylor, Royal Society of Arts

October 5th – Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California

October 24th – Meg Munn, former MP, Independent Chair of the Church of England’s National Safeguarding Panel

November 5th – Rt Hon Jack Straw, former Home secretary and Shadow Education Secretary

November 24th – Rt Hon Alan Johnson, former Home Secretary and Education Secretary